uh yeah. you can scroll down for more. all that text at the bottom has always been there, i was just being an Asshole by putting it at the bottom and making it so you'd have to Look for it

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i will learn how to center text later.

this is like a page 0 sorta deal. what the hell is kvalmiventures? i don't even know yet. i'll find out after learning how to setup this website stuff, maybe. one day, it'll host it self maybe too!. who knows! i really need to learn css and js and all that stuff.

here's page 1 of kvalmiventures.

or if you wanna go back to the Rat Cave that's fine too.. i guess,..

don't judge the process. do not inspect this

i've taken a couple notes about kvalmi and the universe i want for him. that night where i drew him was where i first created him, then i added on top of that and on top of that. i had decided that that was the time, the night, to finally after 18 years of life, to create my first ever OC. so dramatic! anyway here are the notes i talked about in the start of this paragraph:

main character


appearance and apparel:

*will be explained later (maybe this is the first idea that i'll scratch it was just kinda funny to me and occured out of an accident. but maybe it'll become something?)



bits ???

unanswered questions

potential ideas

might put little small tiny itty bitty notes down here. just for fun. do NOT look at how this was put down here. i haven't learned anything yet